Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom

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Elementary Lessons (Grades 3-5)

Breaking Them Down: Careers in Agriculture

Students will explore some agriculture-related careers while decoding words with common suffixes. Grades 3-5: ELA


Middle School Lessons (Grades 6-8)

Manure Occurs: Managing Nutrients in Livestock Manure

Students use the scientific method to test for the presence of nutrients in garden soil, manure and a mixture of the two. Students will use a table to determine which of three farm animals produces the greatest amount of manure. Grades 6-8: Earth Science and Math

Measuring Exponential Growth

Students reinforce math skills while learning about best practices for protection of water quality in the management of animal feeding operations. Grades 6-8: Math

Preparing for Drought

Students will explore the effects of drought in a variety of global contexts. Grades 6-8: World History


High School Lessons (Grades 9-12)

Agricultural Algebra: Average Daily Gain

Students will apply algebraic concepts to solve real-world agricultural algebraic problems. Students will find the average daily gain of a set of pigs to determine the number of days it will take each one to reach market weight. Grades: HS Algebra

Agricultural Algebra: Pivot Irrigation – Circles in the Field

Students will learn about the importance of irrigating fields. Then they will calculate the circumference of field irrigation pivots. They will also calculate irrigation rates for multiple pivot scenarios. Grades: HS Geometry




Oklahoma Ag on Route 66 (activity book for grades Prek-3)

Commodity Map (black and white version)

Fruits and Nuts and Veggies, Oh My! (classroom recipe and activity book)

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All Lessons

Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom

Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom is a program of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Serivce, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture.