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Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom


April, 2018

Featured Teacher: Anna Wofford, Frederick


April is National Gardening Month

April Fools' Day


Thomas Jefferson

Last Frost Date

Earth Day

89ers Day

Made in Oklahoma Month




National Poetry Month

Oklahoma Vegetable of the Month: Peas

Oklahoma Fruit of the Month: Strawberries

Ag in Art: Wild Strawberries, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

April Calendar

Full 2017-18 Calendar


April is National Gardening Month

Go outside and plant something!

89ers Day is April 22

Oklahoma Ag in History Lessons

What Oklahoma farm animal played a key role in Oklahoma's land runs? Find out here: A Handy Measure

Writing Prompt: Pretend you are a newspaper reporter at the Oklahoma land run of 1889. Write a first-hand account.

Land Run of 1889 (Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture)

Photographs of the American West (National Archives, includes many photos from land runs and early Oklahoma. Scroll down to "The Scramble for Newly Opened Lands")

Ag-Related Books About Oklahoma History


Spring Plowing, Thomas Hart Benton


Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom

Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom is a program of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Oklahoma State Department of Education.